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The Mary Rose

What better a place to start than a bridge to the past…

Rose was rebuilt as a replica of the original HMS Rose that served in the Connecticut Naval Militia. Several years ago National Public Radio released an April Fools a piece about Rose being sold to Russel Crowe. She was going to be shipped to Australia and sank into concrete to become a bar!

The painting had just been finished several days before. I thought it’s only fitting to bring it back into the studio and paint Capt Jack Aubrey on the prow. Later, I learned she was sold to a movie studio in California, see her as S.V. Surprise in “Masters and Commanders”

Norvegian Rose
"Norwegian Rose" A lap stake from
Denmark Inspired by the Beatles
SW Brilliant
"SV Brilliant" Out of Mystic
Seaport Off shore Carolina
Bryant Fine Art, Kennebunkport Maine
"Rounding the Point" FIFE YACHTS reunion at the Fife Regatta in Scotland
Yellow Jacket
From a photo series by Alison Langley "Yellow Jacket"
York Maine
Closer to home...."Samual Ryan Pullin' Traps" off the Nubble Light
Yacht Margarita
S.V. Mariquita 110 feet and very fast in 15 knots but she requires a master

We keep a fairly large inventory of originals…this is a starting place and we can send more images… just ask.

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